Amazing Business Financing
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Have Bad Credit? No Startup Capital at All?
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If You Have a Great Business Idea But No Funding to Get Your Idea Off the Ground … You’re Definitely Going to Want to Read This Page

Did you know that historically, more millionaires are made during times of economic downturns than in booms?

Well, it’s true, which means right you now you have the opportunity to position your business to ride the next great economic boom, but you have to act quickly – things are already starting to turn around.

Hello, my name is Brian and on this page you’re going to uncover 3 little known strategies for obtaining bank financing for your business.

You’re Also Going To Learn...

  • How to build a business credit file that isn’t attached to your SSN
  • How to get business credit cards even if you have personal credit issues
  • How I got a $20,000 unsecured line of credit without a personal guarantee
  • Plus, you'll discover the 3 most common mistakes you must absolutely avoid if you want your loan application to sail straight through underwriting

The Quick Tips I'll Be Giving You Today Will Get You Started Within MINUTES On The Path To Getting the Cash You Need To Bankroll Your Business!

This information is not only going to renew your hope ... it is going to change the way you grow your business forever.

But before I go any further, I feel it's only fair to level with you:

There is a rather humiliating story I need to share before we dive into the strategies I have for you.

Why am I going to embarrass myself? Because as we go on you’ll see that my ‘embarrassing little drama’ is important to your ultimate success.

So here’s my story …

I Wasn't Always A Business Financing “Expert”...


I’m speaking particularly of August 2006 ... It was hot that summer and I had started working from home. On the day I am remembering, I was sitting at my desk in shorts and a T-shirt just staring at a pile of past due bills.

My wife, a make-up artist, had just left for work. She had no idea how much trouble we were in financially.

We had only just recently purchased our home in Long Island, New York,when the mortgage market collapsed.

I had to close my mortgage company because banks were refusing to lend.

The end result? I hadn’t made any money in months and I had collection agents calling me daily.

I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I felt like a failure.

My hair was literally falling out in the shower from all the stress I was under.

Frankly, I was at the lowest point in my life, but that low point ended up leading me to where I am today.

Unlimited Funds To Grow Your Business And Protection From Economic Uncertainty is Something I Bet You Want to Experience, Too

In other words, we are on solid footing financially.

How did I get to where I am now from where I was then?

Well, back then I got a call from a friend of mine who had owned one of the largest private banks in the Northeast United States.

He had just endured a multi-million dollar lawsuit that had wiped out his empire and everything he had earned.

He had to sell his vacation homes, his expensive cars, and the legal fees totally wiped out his savings, too.

He was now starting a new company and wanted to know if I wanted to share some office space with him.

When I whined to him about my financial troubles and gave excuses about why I couldn’t afford the rent he really let me have it.

“Are you kidding me, Brian? I just lost everything I own,” he said. “But I can’t let that stop me from accomplishing my goals.”

He then said …

“You Can Either Work Your Ass Off to Build Someone Else’s Dream or You Can Find a Way to Build Your Own”

My friend continued, “To tell you the truth, I’m only calling because I can’t afford to rent a place either. But we can do it if we invest together. Guys like us have to be resourceful. If it were easy, then everyone would do it.”

This friend was someone I really admired. He was a guy who started his business by maxing out a $5,000 credit card. Within 3 years, he was closing over $1 billion in home loans annually.

He had found a way to become successful without resources the first time and I honestly believed it was only a matter of time before he would be successful again.

I was humbled and embarrassed.

I realized at that moment that I had been playing the victim. I was making excuses instead of finding solutions.

As I hung up the phone I made a decision that would effect my life forever.

I made a commitment to never make excuses or act like a helpless victim again...

"I Will Find A Solution To My Funding
Problem Or DIE Trying!"

I swore to myself that I'd do whatever it took to find the money.

Then I backed up my words with action. I literally read 100 of books on business financing. I scoured the Internet and research journals and I picked the brains of the top pros to discover the real secrets of underwriting approvals ...

What I ended up discovering is …

A Business Financing Blueprint That
Works Virtually EVERY Time!

Today, I'm going to share that blueprint with you, saving you the hassles and years of effort that it took me to develop this system.

Just keep in mind as you read this that even though today I've been very successful helping folks like you get bank funding to start or grow a business, I'm EXACTLY like you are in so many ways ...

Really, the only difference between you and I is that I had some lucky breaks along the way. So now onto my system …

This is, first and foremost, a system designed with YOU in mind … that is to say, this system is tailored for folks like us who are hardwired to pursue our dreams of financial independence even though our current situations may not be ideal.

With this system you are going to be able to:

  • Stop using your personal bank account to fund your day to day operations
  • Build a credit score separate from your Social Security Number that banks will love to lend to
  • Stop tying your family’s financial future to the success or failure of your business ventures
  • Position yourself to take advantage of windfall business opportunities
  • Stop using your personal credit and assets as collateral on business loans
  • And provide your business with the reserve funds you need to survive and thrive during economic downturns

I Use This Process to Help Thousands of Business Owners Access Millions of Dollars of Bank Financing Every Year

Now, You Can Experience This Same Success for Yourself,Using This Proven Blueprint to Get the Cash Flow You Need for Your Business Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

Yes, I'll be covering all of the details of my discovery with you in just a moment; however, first I need to let you in on what your REAL problem is today ...

The real reason it’s so hard for you to find the cash you need to grow your business is that you’ve been lied to … FOR YEARS!

Here's one of the biggest lies that angers me the most:

Many Business “Experts” Will Tell You That It’s OK To Ask Your Friends And Family For Loans To Fund Your Business Start-Up.

What a load of nonsense - please, if you have ever believed this, stop right now! I'll explain why in a moment ...

Just know this: countless other smart men and women have fallen victim to this ignorant advice, but you have to lay it aside right now ... If you don't, you’ll more than likely end up losing everything.

It’s a fact that 90% of businesses fail within their first four years.

If you convince your friends and family members to finance your business, you’re just digging a deeper hole for your family to crawl out of and destroying personal relationships that are much more valuable than any potential financial gain.

Listen: this is not what I want for you, and I know it's not what you desire for yourself …

Your struggles and challenges with finding business funding are directly due to stupid advice like this, which is why your current situation is not really your fault - however, it is now your responsibility to fix this situation (whether that’s really fair or not).

If You Need to Lay the Blame Somewhere, Then Blame the So-called “Experts” Who Think It’s a Good Idea to Put Your Family In Harm’s Way

It’s just so much easier for them to tell people to take advantage of the people who trust them than to admit that they have no clue how to get the funding themselves.

It makes those so-called experts sound smart, but the advice does a lot more harm than good.

The truth is if the business funding process is such a dark and scary mystery that most accountants and business coaching “gurus” don’t really know how to get financing … then what chance did you have of successfully navigating the process?

You had NO chance, until now, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

The Truth Of The Matter Is You Should Be Actively Seeking To Build Your Business Credit File From The Day You Decide To Start Your Business …

So Your Business Can Eventually Provide Its Own Capital And Protect You From Financial Uncertainty

Now that you're aware of the lies, and how they've crippled your business funding efforts for years ... Let's get right into the 3 tips I need to share with you today.

Without these tips, your path to funding success will be hit and miss. On the other hand, use these simple strategies and you'll achieve your goals in no time.

This is the same step-by-step process I used to obtain an unsecured line of credit for $20,000.00, which I used to start my credit repair service. I was able to accomplish this in only 6 months and with damaged personal credit.

Remember, I'll be sharing my most important tip last – my business credit builder for building your business credit without risking your personal credit or assets - so keep reading.

TIP #1

You Absolutely Must Avoid Using Your Personal Cell Phone, Email, And Home Address When Starting A Business

This is hands-down the biggest and most common mistake entrepreneurs like us make when starting a business.

While most start-up “experts” tell you this is a good idea, it’s really not. I’ll explain why:

An underwriter’s job is to determine if you’re a good credit risk or not. You want to give the underwriter every impression that you are a low risk investment.

Part of the underwriting process is to verify the business’s contact information. A business that uses a cell phone number as their main telephone number, a Gmail account for their business correspondence, and/or is located in a residential neighborhood raises “Red Flags” that this business is not a good risk.

It’s like filling out a home loan application and using a pay phone and PO Box for your contact information.

It gives every impression that you’re going to take the money and disappear.

I don’t care if your business is netting millions of dollars a year … using your personal contact information will more than likely result in your application’s denial.

The good news is this is easy to fix. Here’s what you need to do: Get a telephone number through www.Ringcentral.Com. You can set up a toll-free

number for as little as $10 a month.

Next, go to Regis.Com and get yourself a virtual office. Regis will provide you with a real address and receive your mail for you. There is probably on located very near you. If not, they’ll forward your mail to you.

Finally, you can buy a domain name for as little as $12 a year. Use a free service like www.Weebly.Com to build a simple website and set up your email to forward to your Gmail account.

By following these simple steps you can have a fully compliant business that will sail through any bank verification process for less than $100 a month.

TIP #2

Create a Business Credit File That Is Separate From Your Social Security Number

Most people think this is a painful process, but follow my advice and it’ll be quick and easy.

Disclaimer: I’m not an accountant or an attorney. You should speak with your accountant and attorney for personal advice regarding the best business structure for you.

OK, with that out of the way, the first thing you need to do is set up a corporation.

Setting up a corporation not only protects you from the business’s liabilities, but it also allows you to build business credit and typically reduce your tax burden.

MyCorporation.Com can help you do this online with fees starting at just $69.

Once your corporation is set up and you’ve received an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, you can contact Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax to set up your business credit files.

Your new corporation and EIN number will allow you to apply for credit that is separate from your Social Security Number putting you well on your way to insulating your family and personal assets from your business liabilities.

Now it’s time to share my most VITAL tip when it comes to obtaining money to grow your business. This is my POWER TIP … the tip that you have to do no matter what … otherwise the other tips I just gave you are pretty much useless.

And get this: This tip puts you on the fast track to obtaining bank financing even if you have damaged credit, zero cash flow, and zero assets to start with.

TIP #3

My Patented Business Credit Blueprint™, Used Successfully By Virtually 'Every' Successful Business Owner Who Ever Got Approved For Financing – Even If They Didn’t Know They Were Using It!

The fact is there is a right way and a wrong way to build your business credit, just like there is a right and wrong way to build your personal credit.

Most people never take the time to build their business credit properly and just try to jump right in by applying for an unsecured loan at their bank. They get denied and give up on their dream without ever knowing what they did wrong.

Here’s The Secret: Start Building Your Business Credit By Opening Net 30 Accounts.

Companies you’re probably using every day, like Amazon and Staples, offer Net 30 Accounts for new businesses. They just don’t advertise them.

A Net 30 Account works like an American Express Card. You have 30 Days to pay off your balance in full.

Open at least five Net 30 Accounts and make timely payments for 3-6 Months. It won’t be long before you’re receiving business credit card offers in the mail.

OK, that was a TON of valuable information and you may be feeling a bit unsure of where and how to get started. So let me help you:

You now have two simple choices:

  • Choice 1: You can take all the tips and info I just gave you and try to put the puzzle pieces together on your own, without assistance ... this choice will take longer, a lot more trial and error and there’s no guarantee you’ll eventually get all the puzzle pieces to fit together.
  • Choice 2: This is the choice the really savvy men and women make to speed up their progress toward business funding success …

Introducing The “Paint By Numbers” Easy Way To Get The Credit Offers You Deserve:

Why risk failure and frustration trying to figure all of this out by yourself, when I've done the hard work for you?

Why even consider starting from scratch? I've laid out your EXACT step-by-step blueprint already!

My blueprint has a legion of raving fans, because I've tested, perfected and honed this system down to being a work of art.

The Business Credit Blueprint

This is the #1 business credit system that helps you access unlimited bank funds without risking your personal credit or assets.

This radically simple yet effective business credit building system will work for you, even if you:

  • Have Personal Credit Challenges…
  • Have No Cash Flow…
  • Have No Assets…
  • Have No Business Plan…
  • Have Been Denied Funding Before…

Here’s What The Business Credit Blueprint Is NOT:

  • This is not a cash advance program like Kabbage or Ondeck who take 25% to 50% of your future revenue. Those guys want you to keep giving them your profits so you never get ahead.
  • This is not a course on how to write a business plan, or a place to buy shell corporations.
  • Finally, this is not a guide to submitting loans to the SBA.

Here’s What The Business Credit Blueprint IS

  • It’s a complete examination of the REAL reasons behind business funding failures …
  • It’s a clever way to avoid the negative patterns that sabotage so many funding efforts ...

With this one-of-a-kind system you’ll be able to:

  • Obtain financing without risking your personal credit or assets
  • Build your business using OPM
  • Protect your family from business liabilities
  • Take advantage of windfall opportunities

And you’ll be able to do all of the above while you quickly grow your empire.

Before We Go One Step Further, I Need To Be 100% Honest With You:

This is for men and women who are ready to stop looking for "miracles" and start ensuring their financial success. There are no “Magic Pill” solutions to obtaining business funding. Nothing in this life is easy, and you know that, but this is as easy as it gets.

  • If you want to get cash to start or expand your business …
  • If you want to stop stressing about where you’ll find the cash to cover your monthly expenses …
  • If you want to stop robbing your personal savings to fund your business …
  • If you want to permanently separate your business from your personal finances …
  • If you want to protect your personal credit and assets from your business liabilities …
  • And if you want to secure your family’s future financial security

Then guess what? The Business Credit Blueprint isn't "an" answer for you …it’s the ONLY ANSWER for you.

Let's Take A Look At What This Blueprint Reveals:

  • The secrets to building business credibility – you’ll learn what common mistakes cause a “red flag” and how to avoid them!
  • Simple and effective strategies for building business credit files almost overnight – many services charge several hundred dollars for this service Alone … here, you’ll learn how to do it for free!
  • Which lenders have the easiest approval criteria for establishing your first lines of credit – this will make the rest of building your business credit file paint-by-numbers easy!
  • How and where to get revolving credit without using your personal credit or assets as collateral – I provide you with the links, qualification criteria and even show you which bureaus they report to!
  • How to build your business bank rating to get approved for higher credit limits – this is a little known strategy that greatly reduces your perceived risk to a lender!

If You're Looking to Solve the Mystery of Obtaining Bank Funding to Grow Your Business, Then You've Probably Already Figured Out That The Business Credit Blueprint is Your Answer...

It provides you with the simplest way to build a business credit file that underwriters will love.

And it goes without saying that this will make your life much easier ...

Here's an example of just how easy this system will make things for you:

In Module 1, you get the actual Compliance Checklist underwriters use to research your business – this means you can literally structure your business to meet their criteria!

Now, you may be thinking, "I bet any system that can give me all of this costs a small fortune."

Well, in all honestly, this system should cost a fortune … but it doesn’t.

Even though this system has completely revolutionized the business financing industry, I’m still going to offer it to you for a reduced price.

But First, I Want To Share A Few Unique Benefits This One-Of-A-Kind System Will Deliver To You...

  • You'll discover the different types of corporations you can set up, as well as the advantages of each
  • You'll learn which types of corporations you must AVOID – this information alone is worth the investment
  • I'll also reveal the 3 biggest reasons businesses fail to obtain financing, so you don't make the same mistakes

So how much do you need to pay to receive all of this? The price of The Business Credit Blueprint sold by itself is $297 ... but don’t worry you are not going to be paying that much – and you’re not just going to be receiving The Business Credit Blueprint either.

To make this even more of a no-brainer solution, I’m going to sweeten the deal by tossing in two incredible bonuses.

Free With Your Order Today:

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Bonus Gift #1 – “The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Getting Bank Funding Without A Personal Guarantee” Book (Valued at $16)

Bonus Gift #2 – DIY Credit Repair Kit (Valued at $47)

This kit contains step-by-step instructions for improving your personal credit report.

When You Add in the Bonuses, the Retail Value of Everything I’m Offering You Today is $359

But I know what it’s like to have a dream of building a business and finding nothing but road blocks at every turn.

It’s frustrating and, if left unchecked, it can crush your dreams.

The United States needs folks like us to build businesses and create jobs in order to get us out of the financial trouble we’re in.

So I’m making this information more affordable to you in the hopes that your success helps other people feed and clothe their families.

That means you will not be paying the retail value of $359 for The Business Credit Blueprint today ... not even close.

It's not even going to be $197...

It's not even going to be $97!

Your Total Investment Today For The Business Credit Blueprint, PLUS the Bonuses Is NOW:

Just one payment of only $47.

Listen: don't decide right now ... take advantage of my unconditional "Triple Guarantee" and try it out for yourself. Here’s how the guarantee works:

Just try The Business Credit Blueprint for 60 days. If you don’t get the business credit you want … OR you find the step-by-step process too difficult… OR if you’re just not satisfied in any way … I’ll refund your money. No questions asked, no hassles and no hard feelings.

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  • Super Bonus Gift – “How To Get Bank Funding Without A Personal Guarantee” (Valued at $150)

Obtaining bank funding without a personal guarantee is the “holly grail” of business financing. This presentation reveals the exact process your business needs to follow to reach this level of financing.

And THAT brings the total value of this package to over $499!

Yet, just by taking action today, the ENTIRE Business Credit Blueprint, with all the bonuses, PLUS the Super Bonus, will be yours for only $47.

Now Remember:

You're Not Just Getting An Incredible Discount Today...

You’ll Be Taking A HUGE Step Towards Protecting Your Business From Economic Downturns And Protecting Your Family From Financial Disaster

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Life is short, and you've been struggling with finding cash to crow your business for far too long.

Unless you take action today you run a grave risk of deeper levels of frustration, real anger over not living the life you deserve, and continued stress from placing your family in harm’s way.

Yet, all of this can be avoided, beginning today, simply by applying the step- by-step principles found in The Business Credit Blueprint.

Imagine, right now, how it will feel the moment you see that loan application stamped “APPROVED”

Imagine the excitement you’ll feel … imagine being full of hope and optimism …

You will be building the empire you always dreamed of, and enjoying every second of it ... you will finally experience the success you deserve!

It's true that your failure to get the funds you need to grow your business isn't fully your fault ... and now you know why:

It's true that you've been lied to in the past about Quick-Fix solutions ... and then there's all those false promises no one stands behind ... However, today marks your day to take responsibility.

Take the action you KNOW is necessary today to put yourself on the fast track to REAL business credit results by using a system that SIMPLY WORKS.

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To your future business success,

Brian Diez

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